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Thursday, 03 March 2011 20:20

Successful Second Workshop Held by TITAN

TITAN held its second workshop on 22 February, in Madrid, Spain.

The interest in the subject was amply demonstrated by how well this event was attended at a time when it is not easy to get travel authorization in most organizations. Handling agents, airports, universities, research institutions as well as members of the TITAN team were all well represented and everybody actively contributed to the brainstorming.

The two main themes of the workshop were focusing on the definition and contents of warnings and the information flows and actors concerned.

The program uses a process based, service oriented approach in defining what TITAN will do in order to make actors aware of the progress of the turnaround at a granularity exceeding the currently planned detail and warnings play a crucial role in shaping this common situational awareness. The term “warning” is in fact a generic expression and it covers output generated for information only as well as actual alarms which in turn may be categorized as green (heads-up only, no action), yellow (action to be taken) to red (urgent action to be taken, nominal operation no longer possible). Obviously, getting the trigger events and the warning responses right is crucial for effective operation.

The other subject, information flows and actors concerned, was discussed keeping in mind that TITAN will use the information management principles defined for SWIM, namely that all actors will share their information (output) and will subscribe to information they need (input). Information flows in this context do not mean a point to point exchange of information and the task of the workshop was to identify what information would be shared and which actor would require what information and when in the course of running a particular process.

A short presentation described the results achieved in defining the TITAN model which will enable stakeholders to “play” with TITAN in order to understand its working and propose improvements.

Although the actual TITAN cost/benefit analysis will only kick into high gear later, the methodology to be used and the approach to be taken has already been defined and the details were presented for the benefit of those not yet directly involved in this activity.

Of course a one-day workshop cannot be expected to resolve all the questions on the table but with the active participation of the experts attending this event, it was possible to gather sufficient material for the TITAN team to proceed with their development work in the knowledge that they are following the guidance of the turnaround stakeholders.

No other project in the past dealing with the turnaround has used this process based, service oriented approach that is also linked with the SWIM principles. While the approach caters for a very clear description and a very effective system design, it does require that the experts involved adopt a new way of thinking. Clearly, the participants in the workshop had done their homework also in this respect.

A successful workshop by any measure!

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