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Saturday, 28 January 2012 13:28

Renewed EC Transport Research Website

As they say, not all websites are created equal and some can be the source of endless frustration. Especially sites dealing with a complex organization or complicated technical subjects tend to be less than user friendly... to say the least.

With this background, the improved website of the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation is a welcome and refreshing product that users will really like. The new site will be an important source of information on upcoming calls, policy and the results of ongoing research.

In addition to the site being a useful resource for researchers, it will also be used to inform a broader audience of interesting results and news related to the research being conducted by the various projects.

The EC is inviting all interested parties to provide them with relevant information and material (date of events, publications, research results, etc.) which could be usefully promulgated via the improved website. With the aim being to inform a wider audience, it is indeed important that the various projects feed their information to the editors of the site to ensure that they have plenty of timely and interesting material to publish.

While the value of a website is determined to a very large extent by the value of its content, the way that content is presented, the logical structure of the site and the ease of finding the information one is looking for is no less important. The designers of this new EC site have not only created something that is visually pleasing but they have also managed to lay out the information in a way that makes finding just about anything a cinch.

Hopefully there will be many followers!

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