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After several months of careful preparation, TITAN, a project in the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, kicked into high gear on 3 December 2009 when the TITAN Consortium held the kick-off meeting at INECO’s premises in Madrid.

The name TITAN stands for “Turn-round Integration in Trajectory and Network”. The project will analyze the aircraft turn-round process with a view to identifying opportunities for improvements as well as to pinpoint the influence of external actors and processes like passenger flow and baggage handling. The improved turn-round process will be modeled and validated and a decision support tool will be developed suitable for use by different partners, enabling them to manage the turn-round process more efficiently. This will be achieved primarily by providing predictive, common awareness of all the relevant influences, including those coming from the airport land-side.

TITAN will conduct its work fully aligned with the latest developments in air traffic management, including net-centric management of information and trajectory based operations. The results expected from the TITAN project are seen as complimentary to the Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) related activities of SESAR and will feed directly into the relevant work packages there.

TITAN places a very high priority on involving all the partners concerned with the turn-round process right from the start. Recognizing the difficulties most projects face in reaching the airline and airport community particularly in these difficult economic times, TITAN is devising a method for two-way information transfer that minimizes the burden on the external partners while still fully meeting the project’s requirements.

The TITAN consortium has 11 members from six countries. These are INECO, Aena, Isdefe, CRIDA and Boeing Research & Technology from Spain, Jeppesen and RWTH Aachen University from Germany, ECORYS from The Netherlands, Slot Consulting from Hungary, ISA Software from the UK and BluSky Services from Belgium.

TITAN will have its own web presence in the near future. Stay tuned for further news from this exciting new project.

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