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In the course of analysing the turnaround, TITAN will be looking at the business trajectory of the flight, in line with the SESAR Concept of Operations.

When an aircraft is on the ground, its trajectory is in a special “idling” state. It is no longer evolving in the spatial dimensions but it does continue to evolve in the time dimension. It continues to consume resources, incurring costs.

This idling trajectory is also the connecting element between the previous and the next flight of the aircraft concerned. Any change to the time dimension therefore has a direct impact on all consecutive flights.

The SESAR Concept of Operations considers a flight operation as being one continuous event which includes also the turnaround. However, it does not fully address those processes that are not considered primary ATM elements like ground handling or passenger flow management.

TITAN focuses on the turnaround including all the relevant processes and their influence on the evolution of the trajectory in the time dimension. An airport will be considered as a complex multi-sector environment, each sector being defined by stand coordinates.

Processes on the landside and the airside will be considered and their impact on the turnaround analysed. Some of these processes, like passenger flow management, have never been treated before in the CDM context. TITAN will use the new insights to define opportunities for optimising the processes themselves as well as the interactions between the processes.

TITAN’s focus is on the turnaround but it is considered as part of the larger ATM network that extends beyond the boundaries of individual airports.

The project’s view of the turnaround and its optimisation is anchored in the requirements of trajectory based operations (TBO) and a net-centric approach to managing information.

It will help SESAR to unlock the benefit potential of an improved turnaround operation using the most advanced concept elements available.

TITAN will improve predictability on the local and the network level, enabling all partners involved (airlines, ground handlers, airport operators) to increase the efficiency of their operations leading to cost savings via better utilisation of their resources.

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