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TITAN video 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 18:15

One of the products of the TITAN extension is a more comprehensive video, explaining how TITAN works. Based on the successful first version, this new video shows how services work and actually follows a passenger's progress from "bed to aircraft seat".

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 April 2013 18:18
TITAN extension - what is happening? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 02 March 2013 11:20

As reported earlier, the TITAN project has been extended by three months and the extra time is being used to conduct additional dissemination activities. Among these, a more detailed video on the TITAN concept is being produced and a publication entitled TITAN The Book is being written. This latter takes the reader from the early days of collaborative decision making (CDM) through a description of the new air traffic management environment's most important features to a description of the TITAN concept and its practical application. The style is more popular than scientific and the intention is to make CDM and TITAN related information in the wider sense of the word accessible also to readers not directly concerned with this particular field of air traffic management.

TITAN extended by three months PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 02 February 2013 14:26

Although the TITAN project was to have ended in November 2012, we are now happy to announce that a three months extension was granted by the commission. The original aims had been reached on time and all the deliverables were completed, however, some of the originally agreed budget was still available and it was decided to use this money for additional dissemination activities.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 February 2013 18:32
TITAN Final Workshop PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 20 December 2012 15:00

Those of you who have followed the evolution of the TITAN project on the pages of Roger-Wilco will be familiar with the aims and development methodology of this trend-setting EC 7th framework project. Building on the achievements of Airport Collaborative Decision Making systems (A-CDM), TITAN had set out to show how aircraft turnaround can be further optimized to the benefit of all partners concerned. TITAN was special also because its results were considered as important input for the airport collaborative decision making related projects of SESAR itself.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 December 2012 18:49
TITAN video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 16 November 2012 22:12

Well, we have come to the end of the TITAN project. By all accounts, it was a very successful undertaking and its results are sure to be used in the world of air traffic management, especially in further improving airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM).

One of the products of TITAN is a project video that gives a concise summary of the work carried out during the three years the project was active.

If you are interested in the details, the LIBRARY contains all the documents created by TITAN. It is well worth a visit...

Last Updated on Friday, 30 November 2012 16:16
The Principles of the TITAN Tool GUI PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 17 June 2012 19:16

The current turnaround process involves many different entities performing many different operations and letting much inefficiency to arise. This may be attributed to lacking common situational awareness; inadequate information sharing and fragmented data flows. As a result readjustment of aircraft’s target off-block time is often unavoidable. By improving common situational awareness at the airport level, delay propagation from one turnaround sub-process to another or even to the turnaround process of another aircraft can be solved timely.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 December 2012 18:50

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